What is DAA?

Drug Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who have recovered from addiction and are committed to helping those who still suffer. We have recovered by using the Twelve Steps as outlined in the book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

DAA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution, does not engage in any controversy, and neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to recover from our addiction and help other addicts to achieve the same freedom. DAA is not dedicated to users of any one specific drug, and use of no single drug was predominant among our members.

Are there any dues or fees?

No. DAA is fully supported by voluntary contributions from its members and declines outside donations.

What is the DAA Approach?

The Twelve Step program is a fact-finding and fact-facing process. It requires action on the part of the addict and, if worked properly, will be intensive and enlightening. Newcomers may choose to be guided through the steps by experienced members of DAA who have had deep and effective spiritual experiences as the result of working the steps themselves.

Once we were able to admit that we had been defeated by addiction, all that was required to begin the program was willingness, honesty, and open-mindedness.

DAA Does Not:

Keep attendance records.
Monitor or control members.
Recruit or solicit members.
Provide detox, rehab, hospitalization, medication, or psychiatric treatment.
Offer religious services.
Dispense food, clothing, jobs, money, or other social services.
Provide letters of reference to parole boards, lawyers, or courts.

What is the History of DAA?

The first DAA group was formed in Sweden in 1997 based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. While AA had been very successful in helping alcoholics recover from alcoholism, its fellowship was only available to alcoholics, not to drug addicts. DAA was formed as a separate fellowship to offer the same successful program specifically to drug addicts while not being in violation of AA’s Traditions. DAA was granted permission from AA World Services to adopt the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions as a program of recovery. The only changes made to the Twelve Steps were substituting the work “alcohol” with “narcotics and all other mind altering substances” and “alcoholics” with “drug addicts”. DAA uses the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” (AA’s “Big Book”) as the basic text, substituting drugs for alcohol and addiction for alcoholism. The first DAA group was formed in the USA in 2007 and can now be found all over the U.S., as well as England, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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Email us at: daa.usa@gmail.com
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