12:45 pm For Good And For All The 502 Alano Club 510 S 2nd Ave #10 Covina
1:00 pm Brownsville DAA Brownsville DAA 450 Palm Blvd Brownsville
2:00 pm 1st Stop Recovery 1st Stop Recovery Center 2422 Kensington Ave Philadelphia
2:00 pm Brownsville Solution Group of DAA Church of the Advent, Episcopal 104 W Elizabeth St Brownsville Big Book Study
2:00 pm For Good And For All The 502 Alano Club 510 S 2nd Ave #10 Covina
3:00 pm Sunday Funday Alano Club/Pool Room 325 Deadwood Ave South Dakota
4:00 pm Spearhead Group 1142 Eikel St
4:00 pm DAA of Monroe 1400 N. Street 1400 N 18th St Monroe
5:00 pm We Do Recover St. Paul's Episcopal Church 520 Summit St Winston-salem
5:30 pm Sunday Night Recharge 115 Club 115 N 5th Ave Wisconsin Big Book Study
5:30 pm Properly Armed Group Jafi Clubhouse 2012 14th Ave S Birmingham Big Book Study, Closed
6:00 pm The Common Journey Group Online Meeting KAPLAN DIAMOND BUILDING New York Online Meeting, Open
6:00 pm Jaywalkers 923 E. Union 923 E Union St Morgantown
6:00 pm Primary Purpose Save a Life Recovery Resource Center 17 V F W Rd Lincoln Big Book Study, Open, Step Meeting, Step Speaker
6:30 pm The Common Solution Group 2321 Dunn 2321 Dunn Ave Cheyenne
6:30 pm Realm of the Spirit Group First Christian Church 326 S Palmetto Ave Daytona Beach
6:30 pm A New Freedom Union United Methodist Church 600 Highland Ave Fall River Big Book Study, Discussion, Open
7:00 pm Elevator is Broken 952 Jefferson Hwy Discussion
7:00 pm Better Days 101 Benita Dr. 101 Benita Dr Marshall
7:00 pm 4th Dimension Fairfield east community center 630 8th Ave Huntington Closed